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Managing Team

Experienced management and a well-trained employee base

Mr. Kishore Agrawal, our Chairman, has over 16 years of experience in the Octroi collection field and is a first generation entrepreneur. He is well supported by senior directors and other team.

We believe we have a well-trained employee base, which enables us to undertake various kinds of projects with different technical requirements.

Enter into new contracts for Collection of Toll, Operation, maintenance and collection of tolls on roads and bridges constructed by third parties, undertake more Water pipeline projects.

In addition to the construction of new roads, we believe there will be opportunities to win maintenance contracts and toll collection contracts on roads that have already been built. As a result, we also plan to bid for road operation and maintenance contracts and toll collection contracts. With our long track record in the collection of Octroi and our integrated business model, we believe we are well positioned to take advantage of these opportunities


Mr. Kishore P. Agrawal
(Chairman & Managing Director)
Mr. Kishore P. Agrawal, B.E. (Electronics) is the Promoter of the Company. He is in the field of Octroi collection business since 1994. Being in the business of collection of Octroi from 1994 has pioneered the field. Consequently, he has also gathered vast experience in the field. Of Sand Dredging as well as Collection of Toll. Keeping an eye on future, he has now ventured in to the vast field of Infrastructure projects. He has the overall control of the company.
Mrs.Yogita K. Agrawal.
Mrs. Yogita K. Agrawal, Graduate, is Director of the Company. She jointly looks after the administrative aspect of the company.
Mr. Rakesh Kogta
(Chief Financial Officer)
Mr. Rakesh Kogta - CA. & CS., B.Com, is the Chief Financial Officer of the company. He have 15 years Experience in Accounting and Finance. He looks after the total finance and Accounts of the company. He is over all responsible for the Finance and Taxation matter of the Company.
Mr. Bhairav K. Desai
(Vice President – Finance)
Mr. Bhairav K. Desai, B.Com, Management Graduate with Masters in Financial Management having experience of more than 27 years in Fund raising, Debt Syndication and Treasury Management for corporates in the field of Heavy engineering and Infra Structure sector.
Our Bankers
Certification from : BSI – ISO 9001:2015
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